Our Philosophy

Each client has individual needs with specific levels of ability.  We ensure you are treated as a valuable person rather than just a number on a key tab.  We create customized plans for specific results.  But its not easy and passive.  If you are willing to put in the work, we will show you how to reach your full fitness potential.

Our training style is considered “functional” in nature: if you can perform the movements in our studio under supervision, you can perform them anywhere.  We focus on areas of movement and functionality of routines rather than specific muscles or groups.  Our aim is to help you become better in what you do on a day to day basis.  Whether you are a high-level athlete, work at a desk, are on your feet all day, are recovering from an injury, getting back into fitness or are brand new to working out, we can create a program for you.  We want you to succeed in your life goals.  Our studio lacks weight machines and instead focuses on multiple facets of physical improvement.  Our approach is to teach you the proper technique, help you understand concepts and guide you within your limits so that you feel no intimidation and come away with an increased knowledge of yourself and your physicality.