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I tell people that The Greenasium is like the Cheers of gyms. I think by the second time I walked in the place, it seemed like everyone knew my name. Now that I have been training there for about 9 months, I really do feel like I know the owners and trainers and they know me also. It is a great atmosphere to get motivated. As far as my physical progress, I have been dealing with chronic neck problems for three years, and had lost my confidence in being able to exercise without hurting myself, so I avoided exercise and consequently got stiffer and weaker. With the help of the trainers at The Greenasium I have safely worked my way back into a regular exercise routine and feel stronger than I have since before my injury. The Therapeutic Stretch class is also the best thing I have come across in a long time — I am a foam roller convert! Having people who care about me and my progress towards getting back to strength and the ability to exercise regularly has been huge in keeping me motivated. I have The Greenasium team to thank for that.



I was referred to The Greenasium by a chiropractor after a painful back injury that left my right leg and foot completely numb.  I was released from “official” physical therapy that dealt primarily with learning how to deal with the pain and a few stretches to hopefully prevent a future injury.

Well, my leg and foot were still numb and it’s kind of hard to walk a straight line if you can’t feel your leg or foot!  My ortho said it would take 3 to 12 months to regain full feeling and function and I should strengthen my back and leg.  Went to my regular “big box” gym but had no idea what to do and was afraid of hurting myself even worse.

Luckily I was referred to The Greenasium.  I was assigned to Gifford Kira as my trainer.  He started me from square one and worked on strengthening my whole body and improving my balance.  Let’s just say that every other part of my body was sore after every session, but never my back!!!  He is awesome but I have watched every other trainer there and they are all great.

Well, my ortho released me from medical care last week :-).  I attribute all my progress to The Greenasium, Gifford and all the positive energy in the gym.  It is a smaller gym that specializes in personal attention at the same pricing as the “big box” gyms.  There is every fitness level there along with every age range and most importantly, you are never intimidated or feel out of place if you are starting from scratch in your fitness goals.

Well, I am not stopping now!  They have motivated me to go to the next level and beyond.

So if you are at zero in your fitness level or need to improve your time in your next triathalon, The Greenasium is the place for you.

— Mary


David did a great job of explaining each step of the assessment and the goal of each performance evaluation.  He was clear in his instruction and helped me focus on the task at hand.  I walked away knowing that I joined a group of professionals that will help me reach my goals and keep me focused.  I am excited to meet Jen and hope my experience with her is just as successful

— Melissa


Walking into the Greenasium is like walking into “Cheers”: the trainers and other members all look up and shout your name; you take a seat next to one of the other regulars on a bike to warm up; and then an owner saunters over to greet you, much like Woody or Sam would. It’s that feeling of “everybody knows your name” that got me hooked on the Greenasium and it’s one of the many reasons I keep coming back.  Not only do they all know your name, they all know you.  The owners know your schedule and inquire as to why you missed your workout on Monday.  The trainers that you’ve never worked with comment on your progress and make suggestions.  The trainers that do work with you remember to modify exercises around your injuries and know just how to challenge you.  And if you’re really lucky, someone might even set the music to your favorite beats.  If you’re looking for personalized service, there’s no better place.  I feel both catered to and like one of the family.  It’s truly amazing how such a small gym can offer so much.  There is no shortage of class offerings, training programs or other opportunities at the Greenasium.  Nor is there any shortage of care, focused attention or witty banter.  Come try it out, you’ll be glad you came.

— Jessi


Thanks to the Greenasium and Giff, I am recovering nicely from my back surgery last year.  It’s good to be in a caring, clean, and professional studio and I am happy to say, I am getting my life back!

— Robin