Prenatal Fitness Sessions & Programs


Personalized Pregnancy Fitness – For Non-High Risk Pregnancies. Taught by Jacquie Forester.

These sessions are for women in all three trimesters of pregnancy. The intensity level will be moderate and each session will include pelvic stability work, cardio and bodyweight exercises, balance and stretching. This program is not for high risk pregnancies. Women who exercise through pregnancy have reduced complications (such as gestational diabetes and fatigue), an improved sense of well being, shorter labor, and a speedier recovery after delivery. On average an active pregnant woman gains around 8 pounds less that a sedentary one.


*Jacquie Forester is the best! My first pregnancy was full of unexpected surprises along with a 90 lb weight gain. I fought hard to loose 80lbs, but struggled to loose the final weight. This is when I was introduced to Jacquie who was encouraging and helped me loose the final 15 lbs and then some. I felt so great about myself that it was only a few months and I found out I was pregnant again!!! I was determined not to gain as much and to make sure that I was active during my pregnancy this time around. Under the direction of Jacquie I felt great and only gained 62 lbs this time around. She kept me challenged as well as ensured that whatever we did, we did not put my health or the baby in harms way. I felt so much better during this pregnancy. She was such a positive person to be around, and being a mom herself she was very understanding to the pains and struggles of pregnancy. She could pick me up when I was down and give me a great workout. Her ability to challenge me without injury was more than I ever thought I would get from a trainer. I would recommend Jacquie to anyone and everyone who needs a trainer!–G.W.

*The best thing that ever happened to my pregnant bod was getting referred to Jacquie at the Greenasium. Early in my second trimester my normal gym workouts were starting to leave me sore – and not in a good way. I wanted to stay in shape, but I also wanted to be mindful of the fact that I was close to 40 and in need of advice about how to run, lift weights, and stretch safely during my pregnancy. Jacquie was awesome. She designed a FUN, challenging and continually evolving workout program that perfectly met the needs of my changing body. Because she specializes in pre and postnatal training, I completely trusted that anything she had me do was going to be good for me and good for my baby. It is hard to say enough good things about that kind of peace of mind.  Thanks to Jacquie I went into the birth of my son feeling strong, confident, and supported. All of the strength training meant I never had any of the common late-term complaints like lower-back or hip pain, and it was easy for me to get back into a fitness program after baby was born. Above all I appreciated that Jacquie was more than a trainer – she was a pregnancy coach. Her advice about all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth were invaluable – especially all of those recovery exercises she suggested I could start doing in the hospital right after the birth!  Thank you Jacquie for everything you do for your clients. I wish every pregnant woman I know could have the chance to work with you! –A.P.